Optimisation and Technology

Performcom is a global end-to-end Performance Marketing technology and optimisation company.


We improve website traffic and convert more traffic into sales. Performcom's optimisation division comprises CRO, SEO, coupon publishing, targeted traffic generation, influencer content production and OPM services.
  • Search Engine Optimisation –  improves a client’s online presence resulting in search engines delivering higher client search ranking.
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation – applies proven methodologies to optimise a client website and measurably increase the number of visitors who convert to customers. The outcome driven process involves applying a mix of disciplines including psychology of persuasion, analytics, direct response marketing, usability, behavioural economics, copy-writing and website design. A/B split testing is used to assess and ultimately measure the conversion rates of the optimised web pages.
  • Publishing – enabling bloggers, influencers, brands and coupon publishers to generate sales for ecommerce sites
  • Outsourced Programme Management – agencies manage an Affiliate marketing programme on behalf of an Advertiser to drive incremental revenue, new customer acquisition and increased brand exposure.
  • Influencer content production and management – connects brands with a wide selection of Publishers and Influencers using an objective data driven selection process. An in-house full service production and content marketing agency is used to create video content to engage through Publishers and Influencers with the brand’s target audience.


Our cutting edge and highly scalable technologies include AI-powered website optimisation, cart abandonment software, AI-assisted marketplace technologies and real-time self-service publishing products.
  • Cart Abandonment – uses SaaS technology and advanced consumer behaviour based optimisation technology to provide merchants with solutions that convert abandoning consumers into buyers with an engaging and responsive abandonment chat, email remarketing, or targeted offer campaigns.
  • Artificial intelligence-powered, real-time website optimisation – a sophisticated new technology that enables ecommerce sites to be optimised in real-time, improving the user experience in a way that converts a greater number of visitors into buyers
  • Influencer platform – a technology business that connects 8,700 brands to over 23,000 Influencers, which enable them to collaboratively craft stories, share content with audiences and build their brands using Influencer search and collaboration products. This approach makes it easy to run Influencer marketing on a software platform that acts as a “one stop influencer shop” and enables a brand to search for relevant pre-vetted Influencers, shortlist potential candidates, brief participants on requirements, track workflow, monitor results and manage logistics such as payments.
  • Self-service publishing – a technology solution that allows B2B and B2C customers to create and publish complex document products within their web-browser